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“Wow, fantastic summary in U.S. dollar commentary.   Definitely, answers my inquiry above and beyond.  Thanks so much for doing that…it really speaks to the value of your service.”

-- Joe Brusca

“Your comments are really the best I’ve encountered in many years of being in the markets. You can be extraordinarily proud of your work in helping investors who have very meager prospects of being exposed to really useful information.”

-- William Wright
Fort Worth


Your recent video on Swing high’s & Lows is probably the best, simple common analysis technique I have ever seen, professionally presented and instantly usable by us would be technical analysts.”

-- Ray

“Just wanted to say thanks for your work. Made my subscription to ALL IN back 30 times over in one week. Love the guidance and parameters we need to watch.

-- Ralph Walker

“Slim I want to thank you for all the hard work you put in your charts. I have been trading for about 10 yrs, have seen countless amount of information but none close to yours. I like the clarity that your charts give and your weekly take on what is going to happen the following week.”

-- Elbert Morton