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What Our Members Are Saying

I have been receiving your service for some time now, and have been trading since the 60's. Obviously I qualify by age to say this---I have explored innumerable services over the years that claim to give traders the edge in their endeavors to do well with their trading. I have mostly encountered services that were simply feathering their own nests while preying on the unsuspecting traders.

Your service is authentic, immediate, clearly explained and transparent---making it a near perfect choice for honest traders.

Thanks again and I know that you'll keep up the good work.


I have nearly completed another 20 day cycle in the indicies. I just wanted to say again huge “Thank You” to you and all of the askSlim team. It has been a profitable cycle again but more importantly for me I am learning something new everyday. Learning is so important to me and for quite a few years I have not had the channels to achieve this. I do now thanks to you.

For the first time I am trading fixed income and metals ( boy has that been a winner!). I have started on the Cycle Workshop and eagerly wait your ETF speak, weekly round up, bi weekly zoom calls and Big Picture Analysis.

All of you have a passion for teaching and I know think of you as my Gurus.

Please keep up your good work. You make a big difference in peoples lives!

Best regards


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Explore Our Popular Services


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Workshop: Cycle Analysis


Workshop: The 5 Essential Building Blocks to Successful Trading


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What our members are saying…


“Just wanted to say thanks for your work. Made my subscription to ALL IN back 30 times over in one week. Love the guidance and parameters we need to watch.

-- Ralph Walker

Best investment I ever made..Slim and his team… Their technical/macro analysis is sooo on point is like.. Inside trading no disrespect.. Thank you for all you do

-- Reinaldo G.

I just want to say thank you for all yalls work and technical tools. I am just now coming across your chart grids where I can look up each symbols with the reversal scout and slim ribbon on it. F*** AMAZING!

-- Lee E.

Slim is like a trading wizard. A Gandalf the grey of the trading world.

-- Steven

Hi-finally got a chance to look at the futures hub and THANKS! Does look like a one stop shop and is going to help a lot with trading. Great job, really appreciate this service.

-- Roger L.


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