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I have been receiving your service for some time now, and have been trading since the 60's. Obviously I qualify by age to say this---I have explored innumerable services over the years that claim to give traders the edge in their endeavors to do well with their trading. I have mostly encountered services that were simply feathering their own nests while preying on the unsuspecting traders.

Your service is authentic, immediate, clearly explained and transparent---making it a near perfect choice for honest traders.

Thanks again and I know that you'll keep up the good work.


I have nearly completed another 20 day cycle in the indicies. I just wanted to say again huge “Thank You” to you and all of the askSlim team. It has been a profitable cycle again but more importantly for me I am learning something new everyday. Learning is so important to me and for quite a few years I have not had the channels to achieve this. I do now thanks to you.

For the first time I am trading fixed income and metals ( boy has that been a winner!). I have started on the Cycle Workshop and eagerly wait your ETF speak, weekly round up, bi weekly zoom calls and Big Picture Analysis.

All of you have a passion for teaching and I know think of you as my Gurus.

Please keep up your good work. You make a big difference in peoples lives!

Best regards


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Explore Our Popular Services


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What our members are saying…


I’m extremely grateful I joined askSlim you give me a great overview of what’s going on in the market and you do it on a constant basis like weekly… I’ve paid for other services and yours is by far the best and most reasonable price plus you’ve been doing this for 45 years so it makes the information even more reliable…

-- “GamePlayGo”

“Steve, I just became a member and love the videos. I’ve tried a lot of different trading sites and you’re approach, toolset, and insight are the best I’ve seen in the past 10 years that I’ve been trading.”

-- Josh Cohen

I appreciate what you folks are doing. Your products and presentations are helping me immensely to sort out my priorities and bad habits.

-- John M.

“Just want to reinforce yesterday’s Future Speak as BEST ever. Been following you for three years, and this session was clearest, most relaxed, with best and most appropriate level of detail yet. Plus, the teaching insights coupled with the new chart format introduced added icing on the cake. FS is always a highlight of your service for me, and this was exceptional. Please continue the great work!!! And I look forward to the Cycles course yet to come.”

-- John Schmidt

“Slim’s cycle analysis and his timely videos’ give me the confidence and level of aggressiveness to be comfortable with my trades and my results are a strong testament to the insight gained from his detailed analysis.
I couldn’t trade at this level without his work.”

-- B. L.


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