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Domino’s Pizza (DPZ) Monthly, Weekly and Daily Chart Grid – annotations by Technical Briefing:

DPZ’s long-term momentum is firmly positive. The stock has had a multi-month consolidation, which has helped the stock digest its gains. The intermediate-term cycle configuration is positive and suggests that DPZ is due to form a bottom. The next projected intermediate-term low is due between the middle of January and the middle of February. DPZ’s weekly momentum is negative. The daily cycle analysis suggests that the stock is in a declining phase and due to form a short-term low. DPZ’s daily momentum is negative.

On the upside, there is short-term Fibonacci resistance at 295.42 followed by cycle high resistance at 298.98. If the stock closes above 298.98, the odds favor a test of the intermediate-term Fibonacci projection/target zone from 312.17322.95. On the downside, DPZ has short-term Fibonacci support zones from 284.95 276.29. Our analysis suggests that for the bears to regain control of the intermediate-term, we would likely need to see a weekly close below 250.73. Sum of the Evidence: DPZ’s long-term and intermediate-term patterns are firmly positive. The positive longer-term conditions coupled with the negative weekly and daily momentum suggest that near-term declines will likely be limited to the short-term Fibonacci support zones beginning at 284.95. Once the next intermediate-term low forms, there is a likelihood that the stock tests 312 by March.

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