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5 Essential Building Blocks to Successful Trading

In this 6-part workshop series, Slim shares lessons from his 42 years as a trader and over two decades as a coach and personal growth facilitator. It is not like any workshop you have ever experienced! It’s not a “how to” on a particular method of trading. It’s a comprehensive learning experience on the 5 most important aspects of successfully engaging in the financial markets.


Building Block #1

“Define a healthy role for trading in your life”

Do you…

  • hope that success in trading will change something in your life?
  • go through cycles of success and failure?
  • set profit goals you can’t seem to reach?
  • repeat behaviors that bring trading challenges?
  • have a trading plan, yet still get off course?

Building Block #1 helps you with these issues.


Building Block #2

“Build Emotional Fitness”

Do you…

  • react with strong emotions when things go wrong or right?
  • experience a lot of negative self-talk when trading presents challenges?
  • act in ways that may be distracting or harmful when trading gets tough?
  • feel stress over disappointing yourself or others in your life?
  • keep secrets about trading losses?

Building Block #2 helps you with these issues.


Building Block #3

“Balance Trading Style, Personality, Risk Tolerance” and more

Do you…

  • feel out of control as you engage in the markets?
  • struggle to find your best trading style?
  • know the best analytical tools to use based on your trading style?
  • wonder about the best trading vehicle for your personality?
  • know the best strategic approach based on your account size, experience, risk tolerance?

Building Block #3 helps you with these issues.


Building Block #4

“Adopt Six Key Areas of Discipline”

Do you…

  • start out the trading day feeling disconnected from the markets?
  • allow life’s distractions to keep you out of focus?
  • act in ways that keep you mentally or physically unfit or are addictive?
  • struggle to stick to your designed trading plan and adapt to changing conditions?
  • take the time to build a strong base of knowledge about trading and markets?
  • feel alone, like you’re in the markets with no one with whom to talk or set goals?

Building Block #4 helps you with these issues.


Building Block #5

“Create Your Own Unique Winning Formula”

Do you…

  • feel challenged on how to design a basic trading plan?
  • have reasonable expectations of returns based on your account size and experience?
  • know how to calculate reasonable returns?
  • understand the proper win/loss ratio to be successful in your style?
  • are you in the dark about how to get help to put all of this together?

Building Block #5 helps you with these issues.

This workshop contains:

  • 6 videos
  • over 3.5 hours of unique, premium content
  • worksheets for each video to help you understand and apply the lessons
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