The askSlim 5 Essential Building Blocks to Successful Trading

  1. Define a healthy role for trading in your life
    • Are you unhappy in your job, need to pay off bills or build funds for a college education for your kids?
    • Have you made promises to your spouse or significant other about your commitment to trading?
    • Is there something else in your life that you want trading to answer?
    • Learn how to keep focus on a healthy role for trading in your life.
  2. Build emotional fitness
    • When trades go wrong, do you stay too long?
    • Do you struggle to maximize good trades? H
    • ow do you feel when you miss trades?
    • Are your losers bigger than your winners or do they come more often?
    • Become aware of how emotionally based trading drives us to make poor decisions and can bring mounting losses and frustration.
  3. Determine choices of markets, trading style and methodology that best-fit your personality and financial situation
    • What trading style do you use to trade?
    • What markets do you trade in?
    • What are your trade objectives and accompanying tool sets?
    • Does it fit with who you are?
    • Do you have the right amount of capital committed to the market and your living expenses to increase the odds of success?
    • Learn how a mismatch in these aspects of trading can sabotage your trading success. Find the right balance!
  4. Integrate 6 Essential Rules of Discipline
    • Discipline is the most used and misused word in trading.
    • Does discipline just mean not letting your losses run?
    • There is much more to it. Live my six rules!
  5. Build a winning formula
    • So what do you expect to earn out of trading?
    • Will trading allow you to meet your financial needs?
    • Are your goals reasonable?
    • Is your style and trading size congruent with those goals?
    • Your expectations may be out of sync with the reality of your level of experience, style and financial condition. Build the winning formula!

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