Boriana P.

I am certain that you get Thank-You notes and letters all the time, but I will nevertheless use the opportunity to express my deeply felt gratitude for your guidance, for the incredible work that you and the team at askSlim do, to give us the best information and...

David Smith

The slim PO and support/resistance zones are really helpful on the chart stream. I’m making good money most days using that 15min chart. And BIG money near the end/beginning of the daily/weekly cycles. Keep up the hard work! You all are changing lives!

Rafal M.

Those askSlim Live sessions are packed with information, great learning experience served in a professional, engaging way…

Adam B.

This cycle charts analysis is amazing! I’m starting to enjoy this analysis for swing trades. Looking forward to more profitability and learning

Reinaldo G.

Best investment I ever made..Slim and his team… Their technical/macro analysis is sooo on point is like.. Inside trading no disrespect.. Thank you for all you do