Coaching With Slim

The Coaching Programs, are designed for traders and investors with all levels of experience.
At the core of Slim’s coaching curriculum is the “askSlim 5 Essential Building Blocks to Successful Trading.

Slim brings you 4 decades of trading experience combined with 22 years as a personal growth facilitator.
This rare, unique blend of experience and training, in the technical and psychological aspects of trading, brings you a more holistic approach and a higher probability of success.

Overcome obstacles and raise your probability of success with individual attention tailored to your specific needs

What specific results will I gain from trader coaching?

The benefits of the askSlim Coaching Program are vast. Much of these coaching programs are tailored to the unique needs of the individual trader.

Slim will help you, the trader or investor, to:

    • Overcome psychological barriers by improving emotional fitness
    • Free up your intuition; listen to your inner voice
    • Build confidence in your decision making and instincts
    • Design the trading style and method that best fits your personality and finances
    • Discover and implement analytical tools that support your style and methodology
    • Grow your analytical skills
    • Raise your batting average; win/loss percentage
    • Improve your risk management
    • Balance for your investments based on your risk tolerance
    • Define rules of discipline and create accountability to stay on track
    • Overcome a sense of isolation
    • Improve your trading environment and cost structure
    • Break the cycle of holding onto losing positions too long
    • Achieve peace and balance in your personal life and career
    • Improve boundary setting, communication and conflict resolution

“You can tell Slim is an old pro because of his natural ability to convey his work in such a manner that even a beginning trader can follow along.  I started considering Slim as my personal coach for this very reason.  After our initial phone conversation, to see if we were a good match, all my fears were put to rest.  Slim spoke with me as if we had been old friends for years.  His demeanour had a calming effect on me as well as instilling a sense of trust.The coaching sessions brought to light several things that I never imagined could affect my trading.  With all the years of experience Slim has in the markets I figured he would make me feel inadequate in my knowledge of the markets, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth and I’m happy to report that my trading is slowly improving since the coaching.

It takes a special person to earn my respect in a way that Slim has and I highly recommend his coaching as well as subscribing to his monthly services.  With each and every video of Future Speak I come to admire and respect his work more and more.

I’ve never seen cycle analysis like Slim presents it and have truly become captivated by the accuracy of his analysis.  I encourage anyone considering his tutelage to, at least, go through the initial phone conversation.  I think you’ll come to idolize Slim as much as I have.

Keep up your excellent work.”
~ Jeremy Coe

What is coaching?

A coach and client form an alliance designed to discover and overcome roadblocks, avoid blind spots, increase awareness and produce fulfilling results in the client’s personal and professional life. Coaches provide clarity, tools, support and a structure to more quickly achieve success. A coach is an impartial, positive, motivational guide who maintains safety and confidentiality.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching helps clients define and reach goals, make changes and/or solve problems. They improve performance, develop strategies and build proficiencies … and get there much faster. Clients step more fully into their potential and increase their self-reliance, and confidence.

Why hire a trader coach?

The motivation is similar to the reason people hire a fitness coach. As a trader, it’s just as important to gain emotional fitness… Get your mind and emotions in shape… Get your trading in shape! As your trader coach, Steve Miller – “Slim,” helps you, the trader, discover the underlying aspects of your life that contaminate healthy trading. Together, we assess your trading style and identify and choose the best fit methodology for your personality, financial situation and market involvement. I hold you accountable for taking action, practicing new habits, being responsible and holding true to your trading method and disciplines.

Coaching Programs

The askSlim coaching programs are built around Slim’s curriculum, the “askSlim 5 Essential Building Blocks to Successful Trading.

You will increase your awareness, learn new skills, improve habits and increase your probability of success.
These 3 programs vary in the levels of focus and your time commitment.

For an overview of what coaching is and reasons to hire a trading coach, (including the benefits you will receive) read the Coaching Overview.



The Trader Intensive Program digs deeply into all aspects of your trading. It is tailored to your individual needs.

This program is designed for intermediate to advanced traders. The nature of this program is an alliance, between you and Slim, to discover and move beyond your obstacles to a more successful trading career.

You and Slim will explore aspects of your life and trading history which may offer pathways to develop a methodology and trading style suitable to your personality, financial condition and market involvement.

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The Tune Up Program is a condensed version of the Trader Intensive Program. This program is useful for getting out of a slump or tweaking your level of performance.

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The Emergency Roadside Assistance is a single 50-minute session that you can use to:

  • Get unstuck
  • Learn how emotions may be affecting your trading
  • Analyze a specific market OR
  • Learn a technical tool – a subject of your choice!

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