Something spectacular is happening behind the scenes

It’s true! SLM is going rogue!

Slim has been on the air for the last 3.5 years sharing his 41 years’ trading expertise…
And his last show will be on May 22nd.

Not to worry! Don’t panic!

All that great content, and much more, will be available on the
NEW (membership) website.

So stay tuned!

You will still be able to see Slim on a weekly basis!
He will continue to bring you his market commentary and his
“View of the Coming Week”.


  • “FutureSpeak” a weekly review of an expanded list of futures
  • “Tools for Chartists”
  • “Trader Psychology”
  • “Trader Support Email Service” NEW!

But wait, there’s more! Coming soon…

  • All of Slim’s Cycle Charts right on your TOS platform
  • Slim’s much-in-demand Market Condition Indicator (MCI)
  • Slim’s “Cyclical Analysis” and “5 Essential Building Blocks to Successful Trading” recorded workshops

Traders and financial institutions can still hire Slim for his well-tested
Trader Coaching Programs or for single coaching sessions.