Traders often struggle to reach the levels of success they desire as they engage in the financial markets. One of the biggest issues for them is around having, and following, a proper trading plan. They may get off course because of market conditions or other personal issues. Or the trader, simply, has not written a plan, because they don’t know how to approach it or don’t understand the importance.

Over four decades, Steve Miller has work with numerous traders. All of his programs have time dedicated to writing a trading plan, always unique to each person. Many people, however, prefer not to do the whole program and only want to work on a trading plan, and have someone to help them be accountable to the commitments they make as they approach the market. So if you are one of these traders, Slim designed this special program for you.

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“An incredible person. What a blessing. Yes, a blessing to me in the sense that I have learned more data, charting, technicalities, correlations, better trend timing short and long, and so much more. Mostly, Slim is my backbone to my trading and investing in the Global Stock Market. His character speaks for itself such as experienced, knowledge, humble and mostly the way his style reaches in an individual level. Slims willingness to reach people and connect thru his network is truly a blessing. May God continue to bless Slim and all those whom benefit.”

-- Respectfully ~ Jovi P