Emergency Roadside Assistance


The Emergency Roadside Assistance program is a single 50-minute session that you can use to:

  • Get unstuck
  • Learn how emotions may be affecting your trading
  • Analyze a specific market OR
  • Learn a technical tool – A subject of your choice!


The investment in an Emergency Roadside Assistance session is $850.

Get started!

  1. Read the Terms of Service – here and the additional Terms for coaching – here.
  2. Click here to contact slim, accept the Terms of Service and set up a time to meet.
  3. Return to this page and purchase:

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What Our Members Are Saying


“Today I listened to your video on Trader Psychology, and I was so very impressed with your authenticity and candid sharing of your background as a trader.  It is very obvious that you have learned so much through your own evolution on your journey as a trader.

Your ability to share the “good, bad and ugly” about yourself helps me to not only continue to acknowledge my own issues and continue to work on them, but it  gives hope that as we learn to manage our selves and our lives we get better at managing risk/fear/greed and in return know our own tolerances that help us walk down our road of progress.”

-- Donna K. Hatcher, P.A.