Emergency Roadside Assistance


The Emergency Roadside Assistance program is a single 50-minute session that you can use to:

  • Get unstuck
  • Learn how emotions may be affecting your trading
  • Analyze a specific market OR
  • Learn a technical tool – A subject of your choice!


The investment in an Emergency Roadside Assistance session is $550.

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  2. Click here to contact slim, accept the Terms of Service and set up a time to meet.
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What Our Members Are Saying


“I have been an “all in” member as soon as askslim.com went up and running. In the short time since, I have really learned quite a lot. I think of Slim’s cycle analysis as creating a pair of glasses to more clearly see the market. Even though I am still in the early stages of learning how best to interpret these cycles, the membership has paid for itself many times over. I also enjoy and find helpful Slim’s trader psychology segments. If you are even a little curious about joining, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!”

-- Jake R