Hello, askSlim members!  The askSlim FutureSpeak “minutes” – 08/07/19 has been posted.

NOTE: Underlined titles below are linked to video topic starting points. Enjoy!

NOTE: Underlined titles are linked to video topic starting points.


  • Light Sweet Crude Oil – /CL
    • Low due in October, likely to struggle until then
    • Negative momentum
  • Gasoline – /RB
    • Broke previous cycle low – negative signal
    • In a declining phase for about a week
  • Heating Oil – /HO
    • Decline for another week, then attempted rally – daily chart
    • A lot of downside ahead and potential selling areas
  • Natural Gas – /NG
    • Negative momentum
    • Low likely in about a month – weekly chart



  • Gold – /GC
    • Powerful pattern – projections raised
    • Correction expected into late September then back up
  • Silver – /SI
    • Led the way up now looks like it is following
    • Likely to correct into September then back up
  • Platinum – /PL
    • Likely to get up to $888, then likely a short side trade
  • Copper – /HG
    • Down for about a week then feeble bounce



  • S & P 500 Index – SPX
    • $2900-$2950 potential rebound area
    • Risky period in October-November
    • Minor cycle low on daily likely in place means rally for a few more days
  • Nasdaq -100 Index – NDX
    • Room for rebound
    • Likely to fail around $7700
    • Lot of risk
  • Russell-2000 Index – RUT
    • Another month of decline likely
  • VIX
    • Likely to stay choppy short term
    • $25 probably the highest level in next week
    • Likely in uptrend for volatility
  • Special Commentary
    • Trading Volatile Markets


That’s it for this week! 



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