Legendary expertise, innovative tools
Discover the best technical analysis in the industry, and unleash the power of innovative trade planning tools curated by legendary trader & analyst Steve “Slim” Miller and his world-class team.
Made for the way you trade
Browse our curated collection of innovative tools and services designed to match your technical analysis and trade planning needs.
Why askSlim?
The best in technical analysis
As industry pioneers, our cycle analysis methodology empowers traders to generate truly unbiased insights in price, time, and direction.
Not our first rodeo
Our team has over 90 years of combined market experience, from 40 years of online trading to 100,000+ hours of chart analysis.
A pro trader's mindset
Our approach transcends the search for a perfect setup, focusing on the psychology of discipline, resilience, and loss management.
Community awaits
Our members-only Discord provides an ongoing opportunity to connect with the askSlim team of analysts.
A commitment to innovation
Raise your probability of success by leveraging our cutting-edge tools and tech, coupled with comprehensive technical insights.
Plans for every trader
Level 1
Get an intro to the askSlim method, with cycle analysis, momentum studies, and fibonacci swing high/low techniques.
Level 2
Take a deeper dive with us into the askslim method, access our ChartsHub, and learn our trade planning process first-hand.
Level 3
Go beyond the fundamentals and utilize our cutting-edge trade planning tools, plus see our techniques in action daily.
All In
Level 4
Our top tier is a game changer- with access to our pro-grade market monitoring system, and exclusive ThinkorSwim (TOS) integration with our proprietary charts and indicators.
Standalone or add-on
The essential collection of custom askSlim tools and resources for day traders!
Charts Hub
Explore our unique and trusted approach to charting. AskSlim charts offer projections in time, price and direction - the key aspects to effective trade planning.
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