“Have all askSlim video content, the entire library, or a selection of categories, right on your website!”

Each week Slim adds four new videos to the library out of eight categories of content for traders and investors

  • FutureSpeak – Weekly analysis of 24 futures contracts
  • Tools for Techs – Learn many studies for chartists
  • Trader Psychology – Uncover the personal roadblocks to success
  • IRA M.O. – Longer term analysis and strategies for IRAs
  • Stock Sectors – In depth analysis of stock sectors and groups
  • Big Picture Analysis – Long-term analysis of major markets
  • Style, Strategy & Plan – Many topics on engaging in the financial markets
  • Market Week Show – Slim’s weekly show on the markets with his short-term view


If you are interested in leasing askSlim content, please send an email to matt@askslim.com