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askSlim Level 2 – BET

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Get access to the highly acclaimed Stock Index Report “SIR” Daily Snapshot and Intraday Live Stream:

The SIR Daily Snapshot is designed for short-term index swing traders and intraday traders looking for daily technical insights into the S&P 500 (SPY), Nasdaq 100 (QQQ), and Russell 2000 (IWM) stock market indexes. The SIR Daily Snapshot includes:

    • More than 10 proprietary charts are featured in the SIR Daily Snapshot report each day! See a few samples below.
    • the overall directional bias
    • trend & momentum conditions
    • key support/resistance levels
    • anticipated breakout/breakdown, acceleration and continuation zones  
  • The SIR Daily Snapshot Live Stream link will be conveniently delivered to your email inbox Pre-Market each trading day**
  • The SIR Daily Snapshot Report** will be published and delivered each trading session typically between 4 PM – 5:30 PM CST.




Get access to Slim’s ever-growing 500+ video library on the video segments below

  • Trader Psychology: Slim believes trading success comes from a holistic approach to trading. Watch as he delves into how our life’s history and associated emotions can contaminate trading decisions. Slim offers insights on important subjects, answers viewer emails on psychological issues and gives tips on working through personal issues that may create obstacles to our success.
  • Tools for Techs: Slim uses technical analysis as he approaches his trading, studying and developing his own version of “Cycle Analysis.” Watch as he goes through many of the studies on the thinkorswim platform and shows how he creates visuals that help us understand the actions in the financial markets. Learn about candlesticks, moving averages, trend lines, channels, oscillators, support/resistance, Fibonacci, cycle placement and a ton more.
  • FutureSpeak: Slim is well known for his weekly analysis of the futures markets. In this review, he looks at the cycle analysis and important indications of trend and market condition, along with key support and resistance areas in 6 key segments of the futures markets. This is a review of 24 different futures contracts each week.
  • MarketWeek & FutureSpeak “minutes”: These conveniently organized products include extracted insights from the each video along with links to the exact moment in the videos where Slim starts his analysis on each symbol or major market!

Also look for “Slim’s Specials”

  • IRA M.O, a discussion of appropriate approaches and trade ideas for IRA accounts
  • Stock Sectors ready to pop or drop
  • Big Picture Analysis of important markets
  • Style, Strategy & Plan, Watch as slim answers important questions and takes on interesting trader subjects.


Get access to the “askSlim Market Week” archive and all of the great content available in Level 1 which includes:

  • Stock Index Report (SIR) Weekly Outlook!
  • SPDR Sector ETF Weekly Review!
  • Slimulator Momentum Tracker 


**The SIR Daily Snapshot will be published daily and delivered pre-market to your email inbox on trading days when the stock market is open during 48 weeks of the year. askSlim members will be made aware at least two weeks in advance of the non-daily publishing periods. 

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“Slim’s cycle analysis and his timely videos’ give me the confidence and level of aggressiveness to be comfortable with my trades and my results are a strong testament to the insight gained from his detailed analysis.
I couldn’t trade at this level without his work.”

-- B. L.

askSlim Level 2 – BET

Recurring Subscription
$141.00 / 3-months OR $59 / month