Membership Level 3 – Features

  • The NEW Slimulator Rankings System – updated daily during the market week!

The Slimulator Rankings System has been developed as a trade planning tool designed to support investors, swing traders and option traders. It has been programmed with our proprietary cycle and momentum analytical work for 84 of the best traded stocks, ETFs and Futures. Our focus was to include the best stocks and ETFs from each major group with the largest option volume. The analysis is displayed in three time frames: long-term momentum (primarily monthly chart analysis), Intermediate momentum and cycle analysis (primarily weekly chart analysis), short-term (daily and 2-hr chart analysis), plus our OBI (Option Bias Indicator – which reflects a combination of I-T and S-T momentum studies along with studies tracking overbought and oversold levels).

The Slimulator Rankings System displays a “Sum of the Technical Evidence” output with a suggested directional bias and market condition for each symbol that is algorithmically generated by smartly combining our four technical evidence components into a single directional bias and outlook approximately for the next 3-6 weeks – which should be very helpful for swing and option traders.

  • View Slim’s Annotated Daily and Weekly Charts with the Slimulator Rankings System!

Furthermore built into the Slimulator Rankings System you will have access to Slim’s annotated static charts with our cycle analysis and projections available for each symbol! NOTE: The daily charts are reviewed, updated and uploaded typically each trading day by 9 PM CST. Weekly charts will be reviewed each trading day, however updates and new uploads will continue to occur once a week, typically Wednesday evenings or when significant changes occur. Please note that level 4 members receive our annotated charts that can be opened live on their TOS platform which include any interim updates.

  • Connect with Slim and his team…Get Trader Email Support!

Over the years, countless members and viewers have asked Slim for help with chart interpretation, understanding technical tools, dealing with trader issues and all other types of support. Of course, with the huge number of emails, answers have had to be very brief.

With your Level 3 membership you have an opportunity to engage Slim and his team with those questions and receive greater attention to your trader needs. In order to give proper attention to all members, this will be limited to three emails a week, with questions limited to analysis, strategic approach and general trading. NOTE: Specific chart requests are reserved for Level 4 members.


Get everything in Level 1

  • Access to the “Stock Index Daily Snapshot” show and archive.
  • Access to the “askSlim Market Week” show and archive.
  • Access to the “Weekly Stock Index Report (SIR)” and archive.
  • Access to the “Stock Index Report Interim Updates” and archive.
  • Access to the “SPDR Sector ETF Weekly Review” and archive.
  • Access to the “Access to the Slim Talk Blog” and archive.


You also get all these videos in Level 2

  • FutureSpeak
  • Tools for Techs
  • Trader Psychology
  • IRA M.O.
  • Stock Sectors
  • Big Picture Analysis
  • Style, Strategy & Plan

Level 3 – RAISE $262 / every 3 months OR $97 / month

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Just a quick note of thanks for all the work you do and the information you provide. You are the first person that has really helped make sense of the markets.”

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