Level 3 – Raise

Membership Level 3 – RAISE

Get everything in Level 1

  • Access to the “askSlim Market Week” archive.

You also get all these videos in Level 2

  • FutureSpeak
  • Short-term View
  • Tools for Techs
  • Trader Psychology
  • IRA M.O.
  • Stock Sectors
  • Big Picture Analysis
  • Style, Strategy & Plan


  • Rankings & Trade Setup (updated daily during weekdays)

Great for all traders and investors
Slim’s analysis of the top 80 traded securities and futures and stock indexes in a glance
***Get “Trade Setups” every day***

  • Trade Selections

For each of the Setups, we create a table that includes the symbol, directional bias, trade type (Swing or Short-term, etc.), favorable entry range and possible option strategies based on our present analysis.

  • Email Trader Support.

Over the years, countless viewers have asked slim for help with chart interpretation, understanding technical tools, dealing with trader issues and all other types of support. Of course, with the huge number of emails, answers have had to be very brief. This is an opportunity to engage Slim with those questions and receive greater attention to your trader needs. This service is included with level 4, Slim’s Charts, which is important support for people joining that level of membership.

In order to give proper attention to all members, this will be limited to three emails a week, with questions limited to three symbols or reviews of chart interpretations in each question and 400 characters.

Level 3 – RAISE
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