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Your FutureSpeak session today was AWSOME! Quite helpful to me and obviously took a lot to put together. It was superb, and I thank you.


-- Tom Melchior

“Slim I want to thank you for all the hard work you put in your charts. I have been trading for about 10 yrs, have seen countless amount of information but none close to yours. I like the clarity that your charts give and your weekly take on what is going to happen the following week.”

-- Elbert Morton

“That presentation was just wonderful!
It gives me confidence in my style of trading and investing.
Thank you Frank Lloyd Wright of Market Analysis,”

-- Bill Ingram

“Just watched Market Week so here is an additional, true catch phrase, for the show.

So much more than just a charting service.

-- As always, Bill Ingram

“It is simply fantastic to be engaged with you and the new site…and these charts are real winners for me.
Thanks for all the great work!”

-- John