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The Hub is great. All is in one place to see. This really makes it easy. The Hub was a great idea. Askslim rocks. Best trading site in the world. 

-- Richard L.

Slim is like a trading wizard. A Gandalf the grey of the trading world.

-- Steven

“Slim, I just joined level 2 about 10 days ago. Your videos and approach are fantastic and have been very helpful to me. Thanks to you I had my best trading week this week I have had in a year.Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience. Best to you and your team and God bless.”

-- Tom Bowers

“I’m a Level 4 Subscriber and really love the product! Slim’s work product and insights are an enormous help to me in formulating my trade selections! Great service!”

-- Tom M

The slim PO and support/resistance zones are really helpful on the chart stream. I’m making good money most days using that 15min chart. And BIG money near the end/beginning of the daily/weekly cycles. Keep up the hard work! You all are changing lives!

-- David Smith