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“Steve, I just became a member and love the videos. I’ve tried a lot of different trading sites and you’re approach, toolset, and insight are the best I’ve seen in the past 10 years that I’ve been trading.”

-- Josh Cohen

“Just watched Market Week so here is an additional, true catch phrase, for the show.

So much more than just a charting service.

-- As always, Bill Ingram

This cycle charts analysis is amazing! I’m starting to enjoy this analysis for swing trades. Looking forward to more profitability and learning

-- Adam B.

If I hadn’t been brought into [the askSlim] Discord I might have thrown the towel in…

-- Taylor C.

The Hub is great. All is in one place to see. This really makes it easy. The Hub was a great idea. Askslim rocks. Best trading site in the world. 

-- Richard L.