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“Hi Steve,
I just watched Money VS Process. It was profound, powerful, precise, utterly practical and inspirational.
Thank you!

-- Delmar Schacht

“Slim, I just joined level 2 about 10 days ago. Your videos and approach are fantastic and have been very helpful to me. Thanks to you I had my best trading week this week I have had in a year.Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience. Best to you and your team and God bless.”

-- Tom Bowers


Your FutureSpeak session today was AWSOME! Quite helpful to me and obviously took a lot to put together. It was superb, and I thank you.


-- Tom Melchior

“Wow, fantastic summary in U.S. dollar commentary.   Definitely, answers my inquiry above and beyond.  Thanks so much for doing that…it really speaks to the value of your service.”

-- Joe Brusca

“Steve, I just became a member and love the videos. I’ve tried a lot of different trading sites and you’re approach, toolset, and insight are the best I’ve seen in the past 10 years that I’ve been trading.”

-- Josh Cohen