Slim’s Charts for the thinkorswim Platform


Get everything in Level 1

  • Access to the “askSlim Market Week” show and archive.
  • Access to the “Weekly Stock Index Report (SIR)” and archive.
  • Access to the “Stock Index Report Interim Updates” and archive.
  • Access to the “SPDR Sector ETF Weekly Review” and archive.
  • Access to the “Access to the Slim Talk Blog” and archive.

You also get all these videos in Level 2

  • FutureSpeak
  • Short-term View
  • Tools for Techs
  • Trader Psychology
  • IRA M.O.
  • Stock Sectors
  • Big Picture Analysis
  • Style, Strategy & Plan

Get Email Trader Support, Rankings & Trade Setups, and Trade Selections from Level 3


  • So many have asked, and here it is: Slim’s Charts on your thinkorswim (TOS) platform!.
  • Charts, Grids and Chart Templates for your TOS platform.
  • askSlim Market Condition Indicator (MCI)
  • askSlim Option Bias Indicator (OBI)

Slim analyzes close to 400 stocks, Futures, indexes and ETFs each week. The drawings are colorful and an art form filled with meaning. Now you have access to Slims analysis of the 80 best traded stocks, ETFs, futures and indexes, that’s our Rankings and Trade Setups list, with all of the drawing, annotations, support, resistance zones and cyclical projections.

It’s all Slim’s interpretations. And of course, some will be incorrect. You will be sure to be well engaged and more informed as you look at applying your own strategic approach to the analysis. Share your thoughts with Slim, as you may have something figured out better than he does.


Level 4 – ALL IN
$397 / every 3 months OR $147 / monthly

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