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“…..  you have taught me that the market demands that I stay flexible, not be rigid in my approach and be willing to admit that I was wrong.  That has been the hardest lesson for me to learn.  So many times there are things that don’t make sense to me and I’ll fight it.  Obviously the market doesn’t care what I think.

Your piece on the correlation of the dollar on different markets was excellent.  I find these simple explanations and accompanying charts really powerful.  Keep up the good work.”

-- Mark L

“Slim, I just joined level 2 about 10 days ago. Your videos and approach are fantastic and have been very helpful to me. Thanks to you I had my best trading week this week I have had in a year.Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience. Best to you and your team and God bless.”

-- Tom Bowers

Just wanted to say thanks for the /GC analysis and charts; the way the resistance and support zones worked over last couple of weeks… it’s just beautiful if not incredible!.. As I was watching the situation unveiling… I realized that I probably never have traded with such confidence (in fact I asked my wife and she confirmed!.. ). Thank you

-- Rafal M.

“I’m a Level 4 Subscriber and really love the product! Slim’s work product and insights are an enormous help to me in formulating my trade selections! Great service!”

-- Tom M

The new futures hub is amazing. Great and easy way to keep an eye on the futures during the week in between the fabulous futures weekly videos. Amazing work !

-- Alexandra H.

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