Slim’s Mission

Mission Statement

At our goal is to help traders and active investors achieve greater trading success by providing quality information, unique services, education and resources.

Here’s what to expect from the team:

Authentic Experience
Over 4 decades of Real Professional Trading Experience. Seventeen years in the pits at the CBOE, CBT and Chicago Merc and over twenty years as a screen trader. Slim is dedicated to share this experience, just as he has with numerous traders he has coached over the years.

Unique and Unbiased market information
We work diligently to make sense of real-world and economic events and how they affect the marketplace. We share this knowledge with you through our comprehensive market commentary.

Commitment to Excellence and Value
We work to continuously improve our products and services to better meet the needs of active market participants

Educate and Inspire
Slim’s great passion is to help traders understand the markets and to steward traders to move beyond their obstacles to success. Through his writings and mentoring, he guides market participants to build a higher level of emotional fitness. Though understanding charts, fundamentals, reading books and articles are important pieces, the psychological aspects of trading are of critical importance for long term success.