Testimonials to Steve Miller of askSlim.com

Steve is an excellent trading coach who knows all the markets inside and out. I value his judgments and would highly recommend him to all my associates.

– Mike Newsham ( President/CEO at MFN Financial )….CBOT, CBOE TRADER

Slim is absolutely honest, authentic and trustworthy. His integrity is beyond reproach and his expertise is earned from many years of in-depth study and involvement in his practice.

Bernard Gordon (Independent Arts and Crafts Professional)
August 19, 2010, Bernard was Steve “Slim”‘s client

Steve embodied that rare combination of technical expertise and excellent customer service. Throughout our relationship, I always felt he was attentive to my interests.

John Levine (New Product Consultant / Brand Strategist)
August 19, 2010, John was Steve “Slim”‘s client

My accountant was very impressed with the results from my investment with Swing Edge Capital. And so was I. But even more, Steve has always handled our business relationship with the highest integrity and personal sensitivity. He is a master at all he does.

Jon Fey (CEO at SWF Products)
August 18, 2010, Jon was Steve “Slim”‘s client

Mr. Miller has had a consistent ongoing professional relaitionship with our company and me for approximately 5 years. During that period Mr. Miller has always conducted himself in a manner consistent with the highest degree of professional and ethical standards.

Michael Lapat (Attorney at Reichstein and Lapat, assoc of individual attorneys)
August 18, 2010, Michael was a consultant or contractor to Steve “Slim” at askslim.com

Steve was a very cooperative and easy to work with in the fund he ran for us and he was everything you wanted as respectful and responsible and honest individual. The Swing edge Capital fund did reasonable well and my only neg I would say is he needed to stay with it a little longer and the fund would have been a great success.

Larry Ketner (Owner, family foot care)
August 18, 2010, Larry was Steve “Slim”‘s client

I have had positive learning experiences with Steve. As an apprentice on a crew led by Steve, I had the good fortune of being witness to a rare occurrence anymore: the timeless principles of leadership being modeled in a unique, personal way.

Francis Saucedo (CCIE Routing & Switching Candidate)

Among Steve’s many qualities, one that I admire most is his listening ability. Steve pays careful attention both to what is said and not said, and then provides valuable, constructive feedback.

Rich Eide (Research Analyst at Northwestern University)
August 31, 2010, Rich worked directly with Steve “Slim” at MKP

I am happy to recommend Steve “Slim” Miller unconditionally. Steve has excellent leadership qualities, can communicate effectively in informal and formal enviornment, and is flexible in managing conflicts. Steve would be successful at whatever he is involved in!

Dr. Kai Sorensen (Sales and Leasing Specialist)
August 23, 2010, Dr. Kai worked directly with Steve “Slim” at MKP

I have known Steve for the past 3 years through my involvement in the Mankind Project of Chicago, first having meet through his facilitation of my I-Group. Steve is compassionate, giving, honest, caring and accountable. He is a talented facilitator, a HUGE asset to the MKP community, an inspiring Leader, and a creative thinker.

Eric Schneider (Vice President, Huron Paper Stock, Inc)
August 19, 2010, Eric worked directly with Steve “Slim” at MKP

I have known Steve for about a year now and have participated in several of his workshops and find him to be a great inspiration to us all. His love of this work and continued contributions to MKP never cease to amaze me. I have also participated in several faculty meetings with Steve and enjoy his spirit and leadership qualities.

Dan Goldberg (Direct Mail Expert, Client Advocate and Problem Solver)
August 18, 2010, Dan worked directly with Steve “Slim” at MKP

I have worked with Steve within MKP-Chicago over the past several years. We have been part of the I-Group faculty that provides an extended training to new groups. Steve is passionate, highly skilled, focused, and without a doubt in my mind the best facilitator we have and I have encountered.

Robert Taylor (Trainer)
August 18, 2010, Robert worked directly with Steve “Slim” at MKP

Steve is an accomplished facilitator who is able to build cohesive teams and to aid men in their personal development. He has an insight and the intuitive gift of being able to go directly to the source of a problem and help men find the answers they need to solve personal issues and overcome barriers in their growth process.

Charles Sterbis (Domestic Violence Program Co-facilitator at The Salvation Army)
August 18, 2010, Charles worked with Steve “Slim” at MKP

Steve is a gifted and skilled facillitator who, in addition, is compassionate and empathetic to the men in the Facilitated I Group. Not only is his knowledge of the process unparalelled by anyone, IMJ, he knows how to take that knowledge and adapt it to the needs of the group better than anyone I’ve witnessed leading a group.

Barry M. Goldfedder (Consultant & Public Adjuster at Alpha Adjusting Co., Inc.
– Representing the Policyholder With Integrity)
August 18, 2010, Barry M. worked indirectly for Steve “Slim” at MKP

Steve Miller is one of the most generous and caring man I have ever met. I am very proud and honored to call him my friend. He lives his life with honesty and integrity. Anybody that works with him should consider themselves extremely fortunate.

Jules Weinstein (Producer of Bootstrapping in America on the Tastytrade Financial Network)
August 18, 2010, Jules worked directly with Steve “Slim” at MKP

Steve is one of those impossibly intelligent, funny, articulate and compassionate people who will amaze you time and time again with his wisdom and insight. Steve is truly one of the most outstanding active listeners that I have ever known, and I highly recommend Steve to anyone who wants to heal and grow, both personally and professionally.

Jay O’Reilly (Tech Support Specialist (IP Support) at Comcast)
August 18, 2010, Jay worked directly with Steve “Slim” at MKP

It has been my privilege to work with Steve Miller at MKP Chicago since 2003. Steve has lead numerous trainings including groups of ten or more men completing a course of twelve to sixteen weekly classes of three to four hours. Many of these groups continue to utilize Steve’s teaching for years afterward.

Andrew Sickle (Adjunct Faculty at Columbia College Chicago)
August 18, 2010, Andrew worked directly with Steve “Slim” at MKP

Steve was a skilled facilitator of a community group I participated in. He applied his years of experience and wisdom to help guide the learning process within our group. I appreciated Steve’s ability to be honest and share his perspective in such a way which was easy to receive and apply in our lives.

Darin Jaske (President of AG Global Consulting, Inc.)
August 18, 2010, Darin worked directly with Steve “Slim” at MKP

Steve “SLIM” is intelligent, articulate and driven to making the world more inclusive by facilitating men’s growth and maturity. His understanding of how to communicate and assist others whether in groups or one on one to identify and move past issues and dysfunctional behavior is admirable.

Tom Volk (Strategic Accounts Professional)
August 18, 2010, Tom worked directly with Steve “Slim” at MKP

I am an executive recruiter and I specialize in the trading industry. Over the twelve years I have known Slim his willingness to share his wealth of knowledge and his patience has been a blessing for me. His expertise and his unshakable integrity make him an excellent resource.The amount of time he donates to his community is mind boggling.

Hal Klegman (Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer)
August 18, 2010, Hal was with another company when working with Steve “Slim” at MKP

Steven L. Miller is the Real McCoy. By hiring Steve Miller not only did I receive an authentic Trading Coach, with 31 years of market experience, but also a genuine individual who was ready to guide me through the difficult endeavor of profitable trading.

Matt Serpe (Author, Ask Slim Column, “Stocks Futures and Options” SFO Magazine)
August 20, 2010, Matt was Steve “Slim”‘s client

Steven L. Miller is the Real McCoy. By hiring Steve Miller not only did I receive an authentic Trading Coach, with 31 years of market experience, but also a genuine individual who was ready to guide me through the difficult endeavor of profitable trading. The investment I made into this coaching program has without question improved my skills as a market participant, but more importantly has helped to maximize my potential as a human being.
Thanks Slim,

– Matt Serpe

I have been receiving your Weekly e-mails for about 2 weeks, as well as reading you in SFO since you started writing for them. I want to thank you for insights that are based on your experiences as a real trader, I appreciate people who truly trade, vs. people who posture, write and teach, but couldn’t trade their way out of a paper bag. I have been to the CBOE a number of times for seminars, and loved the exposure to the real world of trading, and would like to return to Chicago for one of your workshops when time allows.

I know you are busy and don’t expect you to spend time on a reply,
Just wanted to say I truly appreciate your work!

– Ben

I highly recommend Steve Miller as a Trading Coach/Consultant. Steve possesses a great deal of knowledge of the market. More importantly he has the ability to help you understand yourself and how you act and react not only in the marketplace, but throughout life as a whole.

Steve really listens to and gets to know his students. His demeanor is one of patience, understanding, coupled with wisdom.

My experience has been a very positive one and Steve is the best Coach/Consultant I’ve experienced.

I cannot stress enough that Steve is the real deal. It’s been my experience that trading is only one facet of your life, but one not to be taken lightly! Steve teaches you how to integrate trading with the rest of your life experiences. My experience has been that Steve helps you to make the most of your potential, not only trading, but in the rest of your life as well.

– John May

If you are thinking of taking Steve Miller’s coaching program and have some doubts, maybe I can help. I have just finished the three-month program and my only regret is that I did not find him sooner.

He starts very intensely by trying to find your demons inside you that are affecting your trading. One must control these demons if you want to succeed as a trader. Steve proceeds by setting up a very specific individual discipline and trading plan. Believe me, when you stick to it, your batting average really goes up. Yes, I got a little too confident and strayed from the discipline and the trading gods smacked me. So I stay with the plan!

His understanding of the market and the technical perspective is beyond reproach. His teachings of technical analysis are sound and intuitive. Entry points are with low risk/ reward profiles.

He is always looking for red flags, like the gambler mentality, “let it ride.” And he has taught me to “take the cookies when the plate is passed.”

The market is always right and we have worked out a plan that does not hit home runs, but does get me on base every inning. A batting average of 70% or greater is far better than what I did before. The bottom line and my trading accounts are the proof. I have made back many times the fee for the coaching service.

– Dr. Larry Ketner

Dear Slim,

“I find your column the highlight of SFO Magazine. Keep it up!”…

– Will Maddox

Dear Slim,

”First, I love your monthly article; it’s usually the first thing I read!
Keep up your great work!”….

– Terry D.

Dear Slim:

”I really enjoy your column in SFO magazine.
It is one of the features I always read and I tell my friends about!”…

– Robert A.