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Please check your inbox (or your spam/junk folder) for 2 important emails from me with these subject lines:

  • Email 1: Complete your membership registration
    Click on the link in the email to set your Username and Password so you can log my membership site and gain access to your content.
  • Email 2: [askSlim] Thank you for your purchase from
    This one is your receipt from askSlim.

If you have purchased a workshop, please follow the instructions below:

  • One of the above emails contains a link to the registration page (similar to what you have completed in the past).  When you get to that registration page you are going to do something a little different.
  • You are going to choose “I have an Existing Account” as an option.
  • Enter your username and then your password and the system will add the workshop you purchased to your dashboard.

To Make Sure You’re Receiving our Emails, please go to the link below and follow the instructions:

Whitelisting Our Emails

Thank you again for your purchase and if you need assistance with anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me.