Trader Intensive Program


The Trader Intensive Program digs deeply into all aspects of your trading. It is tailored to your individual needs. This program is designed for intermediate to advanced traders. The nature of this program is an alliance, between you and Slim, to discover and move beyond your obstacles to a more successful trading career. You and Slim will explore aspects of your life and trading history which may offer pathways to develop a methodology and trading style suitable to your personality, financial condition and market involvement.

This program follows the curriculum designed for our workshop, “The Five Essential Building Blocks to Successful Trading.” What is unique to this program is that we move forward at a paces that is determined by the initial personal work necessary to build “emotional fitness” and a strong base from which to work on the specific trading issues and trading plan development necessary to trading or investing success. 

You get a dedicated trading coach and ally. Slim does not give you a so-called “winning trading system.” What he will do is guide you through a tested coaching program that builds your skills and frees your intuition. Slim holds you accountable for taking action, practicing new habits, being responsible and staying true to your trading method and disciplines. Slim brings over 4 decades of wisdom and experience as a trader, technical analyst, coach and personal growth facilitator.

Program Details

  • The Trader Intensive Program is delivered over a period three months in 12 sessions.
  • We begin with a very intensive first 3 weeks, in which we build a relationship of discovery and trust and work on a broad range of trading issues.
  • Coaching is done primarily by Skype, maybe over the phone, and through email.


The following is the general format for the Trader Intensive coaching program.

  • Week 1: One 2-2.5 hour session – Intake review and development of proper “role for trading in your life”
  • Week 2:  One 1-1.5 hour session – Building “emotional fitness”
  • Weeks 3-8: One 1-hour session per week – Continue on emotional aspects, plus trading method, disciplines and plan
  • Weeks 9-12: One 30-minute session per week – Integration and accountability to plan
  • Program also includes homework and accountability emails and brief interim calls if necessary


The investment in the Trader Intensive Program is $19,500. Get started! Here are the steps to take to launch this program.

  1. Contact Slim with your interest using the contact form to set up a 30-minute preliminary phone call to discuss your needs and to see if this is a good fit.
  2. Download and read the askSlim Trader Intensive Coaching Agreement.
  3. Fill in the confidential online Client Intake Form. You will be agreeing to the terms of the Coaching Agreement at the time you submit your application.
  4. Submit your payment for $19,500. You will receive a link to submit your payment at the time your application is accepted.
  5. Slim will contact you to schedule your coaching and kick things off.

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What Our Members Are Saying


“Thanks for the follow-up.  I cannot begin to tell you how important your charts are to my trading.  Your cycle bracket analysis, support/resistance levels and notes about significant technical indicators have given me a new confidence in trading that I never had before.  As a person that wants to make his own decisions about when to buy, sell or short a stock, information and confidence is key.  Your videos continue to be very informative and helpful as well. Thanks for such a great product.”

-- Mark