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Traders often struggle to reach the levels of success they desire as they engage in the financial markets. One of the biggest issues for them is around having, and following, a proper trading plan. They may get off course because of market conditions or other personal issues. Or the trader, simply, has not written a plan, because they don’t know how to approach it or don’t understand the importance. Over four decades, Steve Miller has worked with numerous traders. All of his programs have time dedicated to writing a trading plan, always unique to each person. Many people, however, prefer not to do the whole program and only want to work on a trading plan, and have someone to help them be accountable to the commitments they make as they approach the market. So if you are one of these traders, Slim designed this special program for you.

Program Details

  • The Trading Plan Accountability Program is delivered over a period of 30 days.
  • There will be a total of three one-on-one sessions plus daily emails.
First Session

Spent reviewing your trading history, style, method and trading plan.

Then Slim helps you focus on realistic expectations of returns based on your experience, account level, risk tolerance, style and more; using this information to help you design YOUR new trading plan.

Second & Third Sessions

Follow-up sessions, reviewing how you are following your plan and offering tweaks to continue to improve your market engagement.

  • One-on-one coaching is done primarily by Skype, though may be done over the phone if that is not available.
  • Over the 4-week period, the trader sends daily emails to Slim.
    • These are brief reports that are designed around how well you are following the different aspects of your designed plan.
    • Each day Slim acknowledges receipt of the email check-in and, if appropriate, offers comments.
      • This is a proven approach to helping a trader stay on plan and improve overall results.


The following is the general format for the Trading Plan Accountability program:

  • Week 1: One 2-hour session (Normally on Monday, Tuesday or Saturday)
  • After 7 days: One 30-minute session
  • After 21 days: One 30-minute session
  • Daily email accountability check-ins, by the client, regarding how they are following their trading plan


The investment in the Trading Plan Accountability Program is $1,950

Get started!

Here are the steps to take to launch into this program.

  1. Download and read the askSlim Trading Plan Accountability Program Agreement.
  2. Sign and email the agreement to
  3. Submit your payment for $1,950 by clicking on the buy now button below.
  4. Slim will contact you to schedule your coaching and kick things off.

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