One of the greatest inhibitors to successful trading is a poor mindset. What formulates such a mindset is a combination of behaviors and feelings we have when in a state of heightened or excessive emotions. When it comes to properly managing money, this state of inhibition affects short-term traders and long-term investors alike. 

Regardless of your trading style, it is necessary that trading plays a healthy role in your life. This becomes much more difficult when heightened emotions complicate your decision making process. These emotions come up for a number of reasons, and often it’s not just what is presently happening in our lives that creates anxiety. 


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For now, we are going to be forward-focused, considering the actions we can take now and in the future to transform negative energy into a mindset that is empowering and confident. The mechanism for transformation we are about to share, developed over hundreds of hours of workshops led by “Slim” himself, is immensely effective and like nothing you have seen before.

The purpose of this process is to look into the negative energy that comes from something going on in our lives. It may have to do with trading, but it could also be entirely unrelated. Oftentimes, this thing is not being attended to, and it is the nagging and distraction of this thing that makes acting in healthy ways that much more difficult. 

The main point is that when we are in a space of negative energy things look one way and when we are empowered they look quite different. This, in turn, affects our behaviors and decision-making process as they pertain to our trading. 

With all of this in mind we are set to begin. If you are reading this in public or somewhere with lots of people, we strongly encourage coming back to this process when you can be alone and focused.


First, a short story…


The Story of the Lions

Lions appear to prefer gazelle meat. However, they are unable to catch the gazelle, it is too swift an animal. So a group of young lions will herd the gazelles in a direction they want them to go. The gazelles easily outrun the lions, but they head off in the direction that the lions are guiding them. They herd the gazelles towards a grassy area, where a group of older lions are waiting…

The older lions are too old, arthritic, and tired to be able to catch their meat. Still, they have a place in the herd. The younger lions herd the gazelles toward the older lions, who are hiding in the tall grass. When the gazelles are practically on top of the older lions, they jump up and give a loud ROARRRR! Immediately, the gazelles, fearing for their lives, turn and run in the opposite direction, right into the mouths of the young lions, who catch and kill them.

The moral of the story:

“Go Towards the Roar”

Using the video below, you will join Slim as he takes you through the process we have been discussing, and shows you how to “go towards the roar”. What this means, in the real world, is looking at the big, lingering issues in our lives. This could include: expenses, relationship issues, kids’ college funds, trading losses, and much more. Many times, these things are pushed aside with the caveat that, “I’ll get to that after I make good money through trading”. It is this sentiment that engenders anxiety and other heightened emotions when trading. 

If these lingering issues are not dealt with now, their weight increases and compounds as we ignore the fear. Rest assured, Slim has gone through this process with numerous traders, and it truly aids in taking “the weight of the world” off your shoulders.


Hopefully by now you can appreciate just how transformative this process is. Whether in your trading or life in general, we strongly encourage you to come back to it anytime you feel held back by negative energy.

Now that you understand how it feels to be in that place of empowerment, consider how it would affect your trading. How might you feel more confident in your decision making? This doesn’t mean recklessness or opening more positions than normal. It means rooting your choices in a place of power as opposed to fear, shame, or anger. Our intention has been to show you that you are in control of your ability to be successful and make positive decisions in your life, trading and elsewhere.


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