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Below is an interim update to the Stock Index Report (SIR) as of the 2/15/19 market close.

The Stock Market advance has continued, lengthening out the rising phase of the short and intermediate cycle patterns. While this does not mean much of a change to the weekly charts, or the longer-term analysis, it does affect the daily charts and their messaging of market conditions. The longer rising phases are noted on the charts. The upward momentum and longer advances leaves shorter periods for a near-term correction. That says the intermediate rise is likely to continue into late February or early March, which would be the rising phase of the following cycle.


askSlim Annotated – SPX WEEKLY CHART

askSlim Annotated –SPX DAILY CHART

askSlim Annotated – NDX WEEKLY CHART

askSlim Annotated  –NDX DAILY CHART

askSlim Annotated – RUT WEEKLY CHART

askSlim Annotated  -RUT DAILY CHART


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