Weekly Insights
Every month we will post 1-2 “Weekly Insights” that demonstrate how we use the askSlim method to analyze charts. Enjoy!

Kroger (KR) – Level 4+ Chart Request | 7/6/22

At askSlim.com we are pure technical analysts – we let the “Charts” do the talking. Our custom multiple-time-frame annotated charts deliver insights into directional bias, timing, and key price levels by utilizing our unique askSlim methodology that combines cycle...

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“Just want to reinforce yesterday’s Future Speak as BEST ever. Been following you for three years, and this session was clearest, most relaxed, with best and most appropriate level of detail yet. Plus, the teaching insights coupled with the new chart format introduced added icing on the cake. FS is always a highlight of your service for me, and this was exceptional. Please continue the great work!!! And I look forward to the Cycles course yet to come.”

-- John Schmidt